Real-Time Tracker for Pokémon GO

Track high IV and rare Gen 3 Pokémon using live scanners.
Get notified for 100% IV or rare Pokémon, specific Raid bosses and levels.
Gather and place Free Lures for your Lure Party!

Watch scans live here: https://map.poketrack.xyz

Raid & Pokémon Tracker

PokéTrack is a Pokémon and Raid tracker which notifies you of a rare Pokémon and shows them on the map with IV stats.

Free Lures

Gather lures while using PokéTrack, and have a lure party by placing them automatically on every pokestop in your area.

Pokémon IV & Raid Alerts

Get notified for rare Pokémon, set custom alarm sounds based on Pokémon IV%, Raid Boss or Raid Level

Real-time Scanning

Setup multiple locations to look for Pokémon or Raids using live scanners or scans from users nearby.

Customize your Map

Find your Pokémon, Raid or Gym battle as fast as possible by showing what you need on the map.

Filter for Pokémon on IV%
Filter the map for that specific Pokémon you need to complete your pokedex, using custom filters based on species and IV%.

Filter Gyms & Raids
Show all Gyms with Trainers and defending Pokémon to see which Gym to battle or already is in battle. Show Raids based on raid level and Boss.

Show PokeStops to place Lures
When you want to light up your city with a lure party, show the PokeStops to place lures for or watch them being placed automatically!

Packed with Features

PokéTrack has lots of features and therefore excellent for both casual Pokémon hunters as local Pokémon Go discord, facebook or twitter community maintainers

Shows scans from users nearby
If you don't want to setup anything you can just watch Pokémon and Raids scanned by users around you. All Pokémon found are shared with others so that no one can have an unfair advantage.

Send notification to social media
All your notifications for specific Pokémon and Raid bosses can be send to your own discord channel, facebook page/group or twitter account.

Advanced features
You can run PokéTrack on emulator on your pc and use the build in proxies, scanner rotation and many more feature to let it run without your interference.

PokéTrack Web version

You don't have an Android phone?
Well...you can still view all the Pokémon scanned by other via the web version

Auto Filter
When too many Pokémon are visible on the map it can clutter your view and slow down your device, it therefore automatically enables filtering of common and uncommon Pokémon for you.

Filter based on Rarity and IV%
To help you find ultra rare Pokémon, you can disable all less rare ones with the flip of a switch using the predefined filters.

Track your location
No need to type in your location to check for Pokémon, it automatically goes to your current location to show what's around you.

Download it now

PokéTrack for Android is available in Google Play, or you can manually install it via the APK downloader.

Version v6.2.3 March 15 2018